Philip Spinney is His Majesty’s Senior Coroner for the County of Devon, Plymouth and Torbay coroner area.

From 1 April the two coroner jurisdictions of Exeter and Greater Devon, and Plymouth, Torbay and South Devon were combined, to form the new County of Devon, Plymouth and Torbay Coroner Area, covering the whole of Devon.

The administration of the HM Coroner Service for the county will be carried out in Exeter. Please send all general correspondence to coroner@devon.gov.uk

His Majesty’s Coroner holds office under the Crown and is an independent judicial officer.

The role of the Coroner is to investigate and record the causes and circumstances of all sudden deaths where the cause is not known, violent or unnatural and any death which occurred whilst the deceased was in lawful custody.

Investigations are carried out for the Coroner by the coroner’s officers appointed by Devon & Cornwall Police. Inquests, which can be attended by interested persons and sometimes expert witnesses, are usually held at County Hall, Exeter or Plymouth Court.

The newly formed jurisdiction of the County of Devon, Plymouth and Torbay covers the whole county (see map).

A map showing the county of Devon. A little of each of the bordering counties of Cornwall to the west, and Somerset to the right is also visible. A red line outlines the Devon county area.

Area Coroner

Alison Longhorn

Assistant coroners